life’s a 10.



I’ve placed a bet today. Not the normal way. Hello Sportpesa. šŸ˜
I’m about to freestyle on this.I will write this post in half an hour. I’m typing every word as it comes,you guys are in my head.
I watched the Croatia- Czech Republic match between the 26th and 38th minute. When the commentators said, “Petr Cech puts an end to it.”(A Croatian attack).
Then I realised something, Petr Cech is the name of a god in modern football (Soccer for some of you). Check check. Cech Czech. Check out this guy Cech has a whole nation in his name Czech. He’s put an end to a fierce Croation attack. I call these two the best attacking midfielders – Rakitic and Modric. They’re on that King Slayer vibe (Cech being King). I’m building nonsensical castles with this- so I’ll stop.
Then Perisic scores. Rakitic and Modric were the diversion. A pawn -and I mean no disrespect to Perisic as a footballer- I’m just saying if this were a chess game – a pawn would have played check-mate on a Czech named Cech. Check check. This is fun. This is live.
Perisic being a pawn, carefully positioned, hits at the king. He’s that guy.
The defence was sloppy. That was my only conclusion. And that’s why- instead of being a big dog, the top dog- instead of being that big kid at the playground who bosses everyone around – hello Rio Ferdinand- Arsenal are currently sub-standard. They have BIG names for DEFENCE. MERTESACKER. KOSCIELNY. Two over – overrated central defenders. I’m away from the game now. I’ve stopped watching. I’m thinking about Arsenal. Arsenal have shit defenders. Let me just put this out there. Wenger has to make some executive decisions- you know , the kind of decision that’sĀ  gonna hurt now, a decision akin to sustaining a semi-painful injury and not being worried about future pain, ’cause after a few days, it won’t hurt any more. Firing those two defenders would be an executive decision. Again, this is a freestyle. This is a theory.
Bring in some big guns. If you’re opponent has a better gun, make one he’s never seen before. Make the best gun. Brandish it. I’ve always wanted to say the word brandish in front of an audience. I just have.
Arsenal are better than this. They are a team capable of winning the Champions league back to back. Okay, no more pedestals. But it’s becoz… Jose has made a joke that has hindered my train of thought. He’s watching Fate Stay Night. (Hello anime fans.)
What was I talking about?
Oh wait. Arsenal must stop winning “10Ā£ for second place in a beauty pageant”. This has to stop. I love monopoly. But that’s the worst award there is. 10Ā£? 10Ā£? For second place. They are the reason Arsenal can only win the FA CUP. BACK TO BACK. JUST TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT. THEN BACK TO MEDIOCRITY. The FA CUP IS 10Ā£. I’M SORRY MAN UTD BUT WE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER THAN 10Ā£. Maybe there’ll be more under Mou? It’s our theatre and we can only dream.
it’s 2136 hrs. I’m tryna be done by 2200. Leehgooo.
Okay. I’ve just lost a minute. It’s 2138hrs.
The best defenders in the world are two Spanish dudes. One should be named Ramos, the other Pique.
Defenders with the most football highlights. Because goals. Because THEY CAN WIN YOU A GAME. Ramos just won Europe’s biggest trophy. Pique just scored the WINNING goal. He’s given his country 3 points. I’ll tell you how Pique sleeps at night. He sleeps smiling. Because Shakira. Because he gave his country three points.
Spain will win the Euros. This is too far fetched even for me, it’s a bold statement. Not a true statement.Ā  I have a theory. It involves De Gea. He’s the best out there now -let’s say at least one truth today. Neuer- not so much. Don’t mistake me, I’m just saying Neuer is atop, but De Gea is the better (of the two). And he will keep getting better. So he’s the best. I’m sensing some Steph Curry – Le Bron vibe here. I can smell it. GO WARRIORS…WIN GAME 7? Hold that thought.
I’m saying I’m rooting for Spain to clench the Euros because their defence is their greatest weapon.
De Gea sleeps knowing he’ll wake up a better GK. Hello Kenya, hello world, please read my blog. Just read it. He has sound dreams. Because Edurne! He sleeps knowing he’ll keep more clean sheets, on the pitch and on the other pitch. (Second pitch to mean bed). I’ve laughed at this. He’s innocent. šŸ˜‰
It’s raining outside. I’m counting on God to bless this post.
6 minutes.

So i’ve asked this guy Gilbert to place a wedger on the Spain game- if Spain don’t beat Turkey, how much should i pay him? If Spain decide not to win today.Ā  He spoke of zeros. He spoke of two zeros.
Now, I’m thinking, let’s bet more zeros.
Because I believe that Spain’s defence will win them the game.
Again this could be one far -fetched wish.
I won’t make any bet though. Because I’ve met someone who’s taught me that betting spoils any game for you. Betting means you want it too much. I won’t bet because I know I’m not in control. I won’t expect too much because I know I’m not in control.
Don’t expect too much of anything anyways. You can dream, but you can’t get carried away.
I’ll just let life happen. And life can be beautiful.
Life can be a complete 10 if you don’t expect too much
And it’s 10pm! .
Turkey will not win.
End scene.


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